Subtitle Box, 60’41”, 2023

Digital text projection, Plexiglass, MDF

Subtitle Box is a spatial visualization of the subtitle bar in movies. The sculpture hosts lines selected from 21 film scripts. The films selected all possess something estranging itself. For instance, films using the Distancing Effect; a technique that prevents the audience from losing itself completely in the narrative and instead making it a conscious critical observer. The selected lines together form a new movie script. It is a script which aims to be an autonomous work. Pier Paolo Pasolini writes in his book De Ketterse Ervaring about the movie script: “If an author decides to adopt the "technique" of the screenplay as autonomous work, he must accept at the same time the allusion to a ‘potential’ cinematographic work, without which the technique he had adopted is fictional and thus falls directly into the traditional forms of literary writings.” Subtitle Box is a completely textual film but refers to a yet to be realized film with images. Therefore, it is a form (text), which actually wants to be something else (film). This brings with it an eerie and oppressed agitation.

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